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In just a few minutes, the 3D knife configurator
my.D Lab by Déglon allows you to design your own kitchen knife
according to your tastes and expectations.

10 working days
of manufacturing time

Lifetime warranty
by Deglon

Free delivery
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Your unique design

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Libérez votre créativité 
grâce au configurateur 3D my.D Lab !

Il vous permet de Unleash your creativity with the my.D Lab 3D configurator! It allows you to quickly create your knife in just 5 steps:

  1. Choisissez Choose the size of the knife
  2. Choose the shape of the blade
  3. Choose the shape of the handle
  4. Choose the type of wood
  5. Personnalisez votre engraving

Discover all the possibilities of personalisation before you start your design: find out more.
our design : Learn more about Déglon....

Type of wood

Type of knife

Blade shape


Blade shape






I create my own kitchen knife

Kitchen knife15 cm from € 67,39
Versatile knife, for everyday cooking

4,8 - 15 avis clients


I create my own chef's knife I create my own paring knife

Chef's knife 20 cmfrom€ 80,52
Professional slicer, for slicing, crushing, julienning...

Paring knife 10 cm from€ 46,94
Small kitchen knife, for preparing fruit and vegetables

Choose the type of knife to personalise

I create my 15 cm kitchen knife in 3D

Selon notre vision, un couteau n'est complètement abouti et pertinent que s'il dure dans le temps.

In our view, a knife is only as good and relevant as it lasts. Our craftsmen give priority to the following 4 axes:

  • A rigorous selection of steels
  • The best heat treatment
  • The profile and thickness of the blade
  • The best sharpening angle.

Learn more about Déglon.

I create my own kitchen knife

"Chefs can now co-create their knife, and do so online, with Déglon’s my D. collection, just launched on the eshop of the manufacturer, a cutler in Thiers."

"A great gift idea to put under the Christmas tree ... unbeatable cutting quality essential for cutting all foods."

A versatile knife for everyday cooking

Couteau de cuisine Pop'Art 15 cm
Altaïr – Canyon -bouleau

106,26 € / TTC

Voir le couteau my.D

Couteau de cuisine Lion Tribal 15 cm
Rorqual – Kalahari-ébène

98,32 € / TTC

Voir le couteau my.D

Couteau de cuisine Lotus 15 cm
Katara – lagon-palissandre

89,93 € / TTC

Voir le couteau my.D

* Very minor variations may occur during production, which we ask you to accept. In case of larger variations, you will be notified specifically.

-10% discount on the purchase of a my.D knife with the code : MYD2022

Your knife will then be made in Thiers, by the cutlers of the Déglon workshop.

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"Aspiring and experienced cooks, the time has come for a personalised knife! The online design of your ideal tool will bring you as much pleasure as the reception of the object.”

Your design - Our know-how - Your knife

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