Blade length

16 - 30


€0.00 - €30.00




A passion for precision

Déglon dressing tweezers to set and decorate dishes and plates.
For intricate, precision work with food and herbs.
Pads are incorporated into each arm of the tweezers for improved user comfort:
● Improved finger comfort.
● Avoids “cold” contact of metal on fingers.
● Immediately visualises the optimum position of the fingers on the tweezers to limit the effort required to use them.

The pads are injected directly onto each arm of the tweezers to ensure they are held correctly in place and for optimum hygiene (no gaps).

Moulded pads to ensure waterproofing and strength. Made of polypropylene.
Tweezers made of 18/8 high-quality stainless steel (18% chromium, 8% nickel)
Satin finish.
Thickness of tweezers: 1,5mm, offering an optimal spring (neither too weak nor too strong) for comfort and reduced fatigue.

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