Our history


Native from the small village of Curtilles near Lausanne in Switzerland, Jean Déglon arrived in France at the beginning of the 20e th century. He quickly discovered the universe of the cutlery in the village of Sarraix, close to Thiers, in Auvergne.

In a few months, he was fascinated by this secular art and set up his own workshop in 1921 in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery.

Four generations later, the family business has grown, evolved and become a reference brand among catering professionals, catering trades (butchers, fishmongers, pastry chefs, cheese makers, etc.) and hotel schools, looking for kitchenware accessories and quality knives..

A family history

Since the firm was founded in 1921, Jean Déglon’heirs have followed one another to manage the company, in order to perpetuate the family know-how and creativity.

In 1960, René Déglon joined his father and they developed the company by distributing their products - kitchen and table knifes - in France and in many countries.

By 1976, the company took the turning point of industrialization. The manufacturing site extended and moved to the Felet industrial zone, in Thiers.

Thierry et Moïse Déglon
Jean et René Déglon

In 1980, it was Thierry, grandson of Jean and son of René, who took over the reins of the company.He developed the company by specializing into professional cutlery.To stand out from the competition, the company counted on innovation and research.

In 2008, the fourth generation joined the company with the arrival of Moïse Déglon (Thierry’s son), in charge of the sales department.

In 2017, he became Chief Executive Officer of the company, with the aim of strengthening development, particularly in export markets, and increasing the reputation of the brand's products.


1921 Creation of the company by Jean Déglon.
1926 Filing of the “Bird’s beak” model, a curved office knife.
1930 Creation of the half-moon serrated knife for tomatoes, which has become essential today in the baker's and confectioner's shop.
1960 René, Jean Déglon’s son, took the head of the company.
1976 Industrialisation of the manufacturing site and installation in the Felet industrial zone, in Thiers.
1980 Thierry Déglon, René’s son, took over the reins of the company. Creation of the micro-mixed serrated knife.
1995 Doubling of the surface of the manufacturing site.
1996 Launch of the Stop Glisse® brand.
2004 Launch of the iconic Silex Premium® knife collection.
2006 Installation of the treating system for sharpening debris.
2007 Launch of the iconic Meeting® series.
2008 Arrival of Moïse, Thierry Déglon’s son, directing sales management from 2013.
2017 Moïse Déglon became Chief Executive Officer of the company.
2019 Launch of the Empire Café service range, the Degsharp pocket sharpener and the Dress Class dressing tweezers
2020 Launch of Push&Pull range, the pleasure to serve.