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€465.00 - €1,440.00




Meeting Concept

Following the innovative and stylish idea of Mia Schmallenbach, we have designed a complete line of nested knives, the “Meeting” range.
“Instead of trying to separate the knives, why not try doing the opposite and incorporating them into one single unit? Why not try and design a set of nested knives?” Mia Schmallenbach, Designer.
The Meeting design is about clean, uncluttered lines and “nested” knives coupled with high quality materials.
All our knife-making expertise is combined with the essence of technology to make this set a product guaranteed for life: high-quality stainless steel, laser cutting, heat treatment in a hydrogenated atmosphere…
Available in an all stainless steel version, as well as in a presentation with a natural oak stand.
Made from timeless and elegant materials, Meeting has succeeded in combining beauty and practicality.