NEW ARRIVAL : the angle sharp manual sharpener!

NEW ARRIVAL : the angle sharp manual sharpener!

Thanks to Angle Sharp, see life from a different angle!

This new manual suction cup sharpener with 6 adjustable angles will be ideal for your precision sharpening!

The following sharpening angles are available: 28° / 32° / 36° / 40° / 44° / 48° !

  • 28° to 32°: for sharpening paring knives and filleting knives (preparation of fruit, vegetables, fish)

  • 36 to 40°: mainly for meat knives, pocket knives

  • 44 to 48°: for sharpening cleavers, daggers

The angles indicated are the complete angles between the 2 sides of the blade.

This compact sharpener will offer you unparalleled safety and stability thanks to its integrated suction cup!

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